Please choose one option for each question.


1. I haven’t got ……


   A.   no brothers or sisters

   B.   brothers or sisters

   C.   any brothers or sisters

   D.   some brothers and sisters



   A.   What’s like Paris?

   B.   How’s Paris?

   C.   What’s Paris like?

   D.   How Paris is?


3. David is the boss, you need to speak to …..


   A.   it

   B.   him

   C.   her

   D.   them


4. She …….. Supper with us last Friday


   A.   hadn’t

   B.   no had

   C.   didn’t have got

   D.   didn’t have




   A.   Mark usually eats fast.

   B.   Mark fast eats usually

   C.   Mark fast usually eats.

   D.   Mark usually fast eats


6. We have to go to the supermarket ….. some bread and milk.


   A. for getting

   B.   to get

   C.   to getting

   D.   for to get


7. I’ve lost my passport. I can’t find it …..


   A.   anywhere.

   B.   nowhere.

   C.   everywhere.

   D.   somewhere.


8. ….. sugar for my coffee!


   A.   There aren’t any

   B.   There is any

   C.   There isn’t no

   D.   There isn’t any


9. There is ………. of beer left from the party


   A.   little

   B.   much

   C.   a lot

   D.   too




   A.   Taking train what you are?

   B.  What train taking are you?

   C.   Are you what train taking?

   D.   What train are you taking?




   A.   What like his brother?

   B.   How his brother is?

   C.   How’s his brother?

   D.   What’s his brother like?


12. Michael………Paris in the morning


   A.   to leaving

   B.   leaves for

   C.   is leaving for

   D.   leave to



13. They …….. time for lunch


   A.   hadn’t

   B.   didn’t have

   C.   didn’t have got

   D.   had not




   A.   Pass the salt to Tom

   B.   Pass the Tom a salt.

   C.   Pass the salt at Tom

   D.   Pass to Tom the salt.


15. I haven’t got ……


   A.   no money

   B.   money

   C.   any money

   D.   some money

16. Mark ….. fly to London tomorrow.


   A.   to going

   B.   goes to

   C.   is going to

   D.   go to


17. I have to go to the bank ….. some money.


   A.   for getting

   B.   to get

   C.   to getting

   D.   for to get



18. She arrived ….. Victoria Station half an hour late.


   A.   in

   B.   at

   C.   on

   D.   by


19. I haven’t seen your cousin …..over a year ago.


   A.   since

   B.   ______

   C.   for

   D.   during


20. Micheal ….. in Paris since 1999.


   A.   lives

   B.   is living

   C.   does live

   D.   has lived


21. Have you finished the shopping ..… ?


   A.   already

   B.   still

   C.   now

   D.   yet


22. If I lived in the mountains, I …….. a dog.


   A.   will buy

   B.   have bought

   C.   would buy

   D.   would have bought


23. Tom is ….. Elizabeth how to copy it right now.


   A.   telling

   B.   saying

   C.   saying to

   D.   telling to


24. On a windy morning, I arrived ….Chicago Airport.


   A.  in

   B.   on

   C.   at

   D.   by


25. That can’t be Albert! I………….


   A.   have just seen him    

   B.   am just seen him.

   C.   just see him.

   D.   am just seen him.


26. You live upstairs from me,……….


   A.   do you?

   B.   are you?

   C.   don’t you?

   D.   didn’t you?




   A.   I told him that he come home at once .

   B.   I told he come home at once.

   C.   I told him to come home at once..

   D.   I itold,’come home at once!’


28. They weren’t invited to the party, and nor …. I.


   A.   weren’t

   B.   was

   C.   were

   D.   wasn’t


29. My friends asked me to go to the cinema, But I said that I ..…the movie.


   A.   had already been

   B.   had already saw

   C.   had already seen

   D.   already saw


30. We can’t get there by 3.00pm . There is ….. time.


   A.   few.

   B.   too little

   C.   too much little.

   D.   too few.



31. He arrived ….. Heathrow airport on Friday morning.


   A.   in

   B.   at

   C.   on

   D.   by




   A.   I told her what she closed the window.

   B.   I told her to close the window.

   C.   I told she close the window.

   D.   I told her that she close the window.


33. If I won the lottery, I …….. a house in the country.


   A.   will buy

   B.   have bought 

   C.   would buy

   D.   would have bought


34. Have you sent that fax to Mr. Smyth? Yes, I’ve …..done that.


   A.   still

   B.   already  

   C.   yet

   D.   now


35. That’s the boy ….. I met at the party!


   A.   whom

   B.   _____

   C.   what

   D.   who


36. ….. is it from Dublin to Barcelona?


   A.   How far

   B.   How long

   C.   How much distance

   D.   How many


37. If you are in Madrid, you can come and visit me ….. you like.


   A.   whenever

   B.   soon

   C.   always

   D.   whatever



38. He ….. go to see the accountant this morning .


   A.   must

   B.   had to

   C.   ought to

D.   must to


39. The good looking man ….. by the door is my boyfriend.


   A.   whose

   B.   standing

   C.   is standing

   D.   stands


40. What have I done with my wallet? I don’t remember…….it anywhere last night.


   A.   to see

   B.   saw

   C.   did see

   D.   seeing


41. I thought you …..


   A.   will going to help me.

   B.   were going to help me.

   C.   go to help me.

   D.   have go to help me.


42. ….. is it from Istanbul to Bagdad?


A.   How much distance

   B.   How long

   C.   How far

   D.   How many


43. If you get bored, call me ….. you like, and we can go for a drink.


   A.   whenever

   B.   soon

   C.   always

   D.   whatever


44. In the beginning the street was noisy, but now I…………it


   A.   used to

   B.   used

   C.   am used to

   D.   would


45. Thanks for remembering my birthday, but you……..bought me a present.


   A.   shouldn’t have

   B.   haven’t

   C.   mustn’t

   D.   have had to


46. Sorry I couldn’t meet you yesterday, I……..collect the kids from school


   A.   must

   B.   must to

   C.   ought to

   D.   had to


47. I’ll never stop…..you


   A.   love

   B.   to love

   C.  loving

   D.   loved


48. You guys ….. better get a move on if you don’t want to miss the film.


   A.   ought

   B.   had

   C.   have

   D.   would


49. That’s the ….. of my worries, it’ll never happen.


   A.   fewer

   B.   less

   C.   last

   D.   least



50. Don’t forget ….. those letters.


   A.   to post

   B.   posting

   C.   to posting

   D.   post


51. I thought you …..


   A.   will come to the party.

   B.   were coming to the party.

   C.  come to the party.

   D.   have come to the party.




   A.   Ask your mother when will be ready lunch.

   B.   Ask your mother when will be lunch ready.

   C.   Ask your mother when lunch will be ready.

   D.   Ask your mother when will lunch ready be.


53. I’m sorry for his bad behavior. He ……have apologised


   A.   must

   B.   may

   C.   would

   D.   should


54. What an amazing holiday! We should have done this…..


   A.   years back

   B.   for years

   C.   since years

   D.   in years




   A.   Ask the doctor when you will be able to travel.

   B.   Ask the doctor when will you be able to travel.

   C.   Ask the doctor you will be able to travel when.

   D.   Ask the doctor when able to travel you will be.


56. Do you like my dress? I ……..especially for the wedding.


   A.   had it done

   B.   made it did

   C.   had it made

   D.   made it had


57. I wish I ….. paid more attention to my English teacher.


   A. have

   B.   would have

   C.   had

   D.   had had




   A.   The bride wore a dark cream velvet dress.  

   B.   The bride wore a dark dress in cream velvet.

   C.   The bride wore a cream dark velvet dress.

   D.   The bride wore a dark velvet cream dress.


59. What a shame you didn’t meet James. You ………..him.


   A.   would like

   B.   had liked

   C.   would have liked

   D.   will like


60. It was so nice seeing Simon again! We should have called him……


   A.   months back

   B.   for months

   C.   since months

   D.   in months


61. If I ….. you, I’d take the risk.


   A.   am

   B.   have been

   C.   were

   D.   would be




   A.   Ask her when will be ready the food.

B.   Ask her when will be the food ready.

   C.   Ask her when the food will be ready.

   D.   Ask her when will the food ready be.



63. I couldn’t mend the PC myself, so I ….. at a shop.


   A.   had it mended

   B.   had it mend

   C.  did it mend

   D.   had mended


64. I wish I ….. a car, I’m tired of catching the bus.


   A.   have

   B.   would have

   C.   had

   D.   had had


65. If you’d come to the theatre last night, you ….. the play.


   A.   would enjoy

   B.   had enjoyed

   C.   would have enjoyed

   D.   will enjoy


66. I know he didn’t thank you, but he ….. have done so.


   A.   must

   B.   may

C.   would

   D.   should


67. If only I had had the courage to do this ……


   A.   years ago  

   B.   for years

   C.   since years

   D.   in years


68. Let’s go to the theatre, ……


   A.   don’t we?

   B.   let us?

   C.   shall we?

   D.   will we?


Example: There is no point in seeing that film


                   That film isn’t worth seeing

69. He doesn’t like cricket





70. The last time she went to the cinema was ages ago





71. It’s good thing you brought your cheque book or we

   wouldn’t have been able to buy the car



   We wouldn’t have been able to buy the car

     ……………..   your cheque book


72. The president should lower taxes



   If…………………………………lower taxes


73. My parents didn’t allow me to stay up late when I

   was young



   My parents…………………………………stay up late when

   I was young


74. It was a bad idea to buy that second hand car, it has

   given me nothing but trouble



   I…………………………………that second hand

   car, it has given me nothing but trouble



75. Put the verb (in brackets) in the correct tense in

           this postcard:


Example:   John visited (visit) his friends last weekend

This is the most beautiful country I’ve ever …………   (be)

to, however our accommodation could ………..     (be)

better Yesterday a strange thing happened While we

……….     (walking) along the main high street a

man came out of his restaurant and asked us if we

……….   (want) to eat there We   ……….

(receive) a similar offer from 2 other restaurateurs

before this, but we ……….     (not accept)

their offers On this occasion we did, but once inside in the

establishment we wished we…………     (not go) in

It was a snake restaurant, the only thing on the menu

was every kind of snake you can imagine



   A  What’s like the weather?

   B How’s the weather?

   C  What’s the weather like?

   D How the weather is?



   A  She especially likes her garden very much in the


   B  She especially likes very much her garden in the


C  She likes her garden very much especially in the


   D In the summer she especially likes her garden very



78. He’s looking forward …….. that film


   A  to see

   B  seeing

   C see

   D to seeing


79. ……….. is it from London to Manchester?


   A  How far

   B How long

   C  How much

   D  How many


80. I ……….. it doesn’t rain tomorrow, I’m going for a



   A  expect

   B  hope

   C wait

   D  await


81. I ………… getting up at 0800 It’s not as difficult as I



   A used to

   B used

   C am used to

   D  would


82. I wouldn’t mind ………. tonight


   A to go out

   B  go out

   C going out

   D to going out


83 . Don’t forget ………. those letters


   A to post

   B posting

   C  to posting

   D  post


84. They ………… last night, but I’m not sure


   A  may arrive

   B  might arrive

   C  should arrive

   D may have arrived


85. I couldn’t mend the TV myself, so I ………… at a shop


   A  had it mended

   B  had it mend

   C  did it mend

   D  had mended





1 C;   2 C;   3 B;   4 D;   5 A;   6 B;   7 A;   8 D;   9 C;   10 D;   11 D;   12 C;   13 B;   14 A;   15 C;   16 C;   17 B;   18 B;   19 A;   20 D;   21 D;   22 C;   23 A;   24 C;   25 A;   26 C;   27 C;   28 B;   29 C;   30 B;   31 B;   32 B;   33 C;   34 B;   35 B;   36 A;   37 A;   38 B;   39 B;   40 D;   41 B;   42 C;   43 A;   44 C;   45 A;   46 D;   47 C;   48 B;   49 D;   50 A;   51 B;   52 C;   53 D;   54 A;   55 A;   56 C;   57 C;   58 A;   59 C;   60 A;   61 C;   62 C;   63 A;   64 C;   65 C;   66 D;   67 A;   68 C; 69 doesn`t appeal;

70 has been;   71 you wouldn`t have;   72 I were;   73 didn`t let me;   74 I didn`t wish to buy;   75 been, be, were walking, would want, received, didn`t accept, did not go;   76 C;   77 C;   78 A;   79 A;

80 B;   81 C;   82 A;   83 A;   84 C;   85 A.



1-21A1 – максимално допустими грешки   7.

1-43A2 – в сегмента от 22-ри до 43-ти въпрос, максимално допустими грешки 6.

1-68B1 – в сегмента от 44-ти до 68-ми въпрос, максимално допустими грешки 5.

1-85B2 – в сегмента от 69-ти до 85-ти въпрос, максимално допустими грешки 3.